How to make clean water available for everyone?

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How to make clean water available for everyone?

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:40 pm

I believe we have the technology. We can convert sea, ocean, lake, river, and even dirty pond water to clean water.  Don't the astronauts recycle their pee into clean drinking water?  Bill gates has presented technology to convert human waste into energy and clean water.  We can even pull water right out of the air with air compressors.  There are known survival techniques for filtering dirty water, or water distillation.

I think the problem, aside from knowledge of all this and how to do it exactly, is the materials required and costs associated with them.  Could we reduce the spread of disease and suffering if everyone could simply have this basic problem resolved?  

What are your thoughts and ideas?  How can we ensure everyone in the world will have access to clean water in the near future?  There must be a way. This needs to be solved


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